La Talvera - Lo canari (English translation)

English translation

The Canary

In coming back from Toulouse
From Toulouse to Paris
I met three girls.
Three girls from my country,
I kiss the most beautiful
The youngest at the time
I take her up to my room
To talk about other things.
To the figs, the chestnuts
The good wine we drank
And the girls from the mountain
That today have disappeared!
There weren’t any chairs
We sat on pillows
Through her blouse
I saw a little nest.
Damn it was nice
All covered with moss
And I said: “Look,
I have a canary!”
[Refrain x3]
And she touched the feathers
Suddenly the bird gets bigger
It opened its wings
And went inside the nest
But it went inside so quickly
That it became weak,
Oh, cry wretched world!
The death of the canary!
Quit crying young ladies
And making yourselves downhearted
The girl didn’t wimp out
She came back to revive it
To finish the story
Those of you that have a nest
Can toast to the glory
Of the handsome canary!
[Refrain x4]
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Lo canari