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What I Had With You

Now that it all has passed
And time has destroyed our love...
Well, it's now that you and I
Have finally understood that breaking up was a mistake.
Those moments that I lived
Won't ever repeat themselves again;
The feelings between us...
We've been looking for them ever since, but we shan't find them...
What I had with you
Was such a glorious mess
That I won't ever be able to forget it.
It was Heaven and it was hell;
It was so insane and yet, so sweet
That it's impossible not to suffer now that I don't have it.
What I had with you
Had class; it had style
And you cannot possibly deny this fact.
Even though now we're separated
And we're both busy with our own lives,
It's so difficult to forget it.
Now, listen to me:
We have nothing left to say or talk about.
You be happy where you are...
I shall be happy where I am, which is my rightful place.
Life goes on
And our love is in the past... It's dead.
But we still can remember it
If life brings us together one more time.
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Lo que yo tuve contigo

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