Rocío Jurado - Lo siento, mi amor (English translation)

English translation

I'm sorry, darling

I'm sorry, darling
but I will tell you today,
even I could lack the courage
to tell it face to face.
I'm sorry, darling
but I'm tired of faking
and I pretend once and for all
to finish this farce.
I'm sorry, darling,
I'm sorry, darling,
I'm sorry, darling.
It's been awhile I don't feel anything
when I do it with you,
my body doesn't tremble of desire
when I see you turned on.
And your face, your chest and your hands
look like frost,
and your kisses, that turned me on yesterday,
don't tell me anything.
And is that there's another love
that I have it quiet, quiet;
hidden and vibrating in my soul,
wanting to scream it.
I can no longer hide it, silence it,
I can't
and I rather scream it than
keep faking to you.
I'm sorry, darling,
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, darling,
I'm sorry.
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Lo siento, mi amor

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