Stadio - Lo zaino (English translation)

English translation

The bag

I've hidden something in your bag.
I beg you, look the other way,
then I'll tell you.
It's an important thing
it's me who donates it to you.
It's not a thing to show someone else.
Keep it attached to your heart
what i told you, i beg you!
These are new words
Valids when
You're taken by the cry
the cry
You know well that all
All happens by chance
And the stars and planets go round forever.
I know well that our love is a desire,
But if it'll come true that's a good thing for the universe.
Now open your bag
when you're alone
that nobody sees you
I beg you!
Keep it attached to your heart,
There's a secret for you
And for nobody else
For nobody else...
I love you for real now
I love you completely
and I don't ask myself...
That's enough, for real!
I told you all.
I only want
That YOU are happy.
Submitted by Viola Ortes on Sun, 16/07/2017 - 09:43

Lo zaino

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