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Oh, Buddy lyrics

  • Artist: Loner Deer (Loner Deer)
  • Translations: Russian

Oh, Buddy

It’s been a long day without you
But I’m still watchin’ you, my friend
Yea I keep an eye on you
For sure, as long as I can
So, I wish you’ll love it
When I get old on my land
With a guitar in my hands
I‘m gonna sing for my old friend
You gonna know the fast days
A new life and fake things
Big towns and real dreams
You’ll be on a clean sit
To raise in these buildings
Your career and your name
Away from dust and fields
Don’t know when I see you again
Yeah, oh, buddy
Yeah, oh, buddy
Yeah, oh, buddy
It’s been a long time without you
But I’m still watchin’ you my friend
The last time I saw you
Was in nineteen eighty nine
Now, you found a new life, give good news
With two children in your arms
When I get old in my house
Still singin’ for your cause
Yeah, oh, buddy
Yeah, oh, buddy
Yeah, oh, buddy
Old brother, oh, buddy
Don’t drop your timeless ragе
For a false smell of money
Or an ovеrsized aim
Yeah! My Bud, you’re still with me
And you keep my tips in your head
I’m waiting for you to come back to me
Don’t know if I see you again
It was a long life without you
And all I’ve seen, all I’ve heard these years
Was a great success on you
And I’m glad to get back to my old brother
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