A long shot

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A long shot (English) — A try with little chances of success.

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A long shot — "Un tir de loin" = une tentative qui a peu de chances de succès.

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Translations of "A long shot"

EnglishA crap shoot
EnglishTo kill two hares.
FrenchTuer deux lièvres.
GermanZwei Hasen töten
RussianОдним выстрелом убить двух зайцев
SpanishMatar dos liebres.
Turkishuzak bir olasilik

"A long shot" in lyrics

I only feel a weight there
that is trying to pull me down (into the depths)
but I don't surrender
no, not by a long shot
because there's much more to live for
all the fear and all the hope

Luxuslärm - Unsterblich

From one day to the next
You find you can’t make it up
From scratch like that
Catching such a long shot on the volley
As it comes
Again and again

Noir Désir - As it comes

Feel the light
Shining like the stars tonight
Remember what we forgot
I know it's a long shot
But we're bringing it all back
We're bringing it all back

Jennifer Lopez - Feel The Light

Hey baby, what's that sound?
I make a few steps and I fall to the ground.
It's a long shot but darling couldn't love any more,
Come on come on
Hey baby, give it a try.

Martin Solveig - The Night Out

I've a weak heart
Yeah I, I, I, I have
When it comes to you
I put my money on a long shot
(I gotta, I gotta, I gotta)
When it comes to you

Zara Larsson - Weak Heart

Inflaming ourselves, glow at the wick
Love is guzzling broken glass, waiting how much blood you'll
Despite a good start in construction, four walls do not by a long shot make a
house (baby, no)
The truth is even if it's all catching up with you now

Casper - 230409

Off to the races
I'm going places
Might be a long shot
Not gonna waste it
This is the big break

Demi Lovato - So Far So Great

You didn't expect this
Oh you never saw this coming
I take a long shot
I take a long shot, shot, shot, shot
'Cause you're the best I got
Oh I'm taking this chance on you baby

Kelly Clarkson - Long Shot

Aw man, so lucky... and so am I [laughs]
Anyway, what you do for a living? ...Oh cool cool cool
It sounds interesting.... Well...I don't know.
I mean, maybe this is a long shot but um...
Today is your day and, we should just do something WILD and AMAZING
and ADVENTUROUS, right? Let's just, let's just run away and fall in love, y'know?

Cee-Lo Green - Talking to Strangers

Because if I stay with shiny teeth
and a muddy heart,
your tic-tac and mine are the same tone,
and that can´t be, not by a long shot...

... let me tell you my tale of wound and caresses,

Marea - To Hell with spring

Over and over and over

A close-up of yours
A long shot of mine
Superimposed together
I'll zoom in on you

10cc - The Film Of My Love

Play a little bit and go mama mia oh oh oh

This can be dangerous troubling again
I haven’t ran enough by a long shot mama mia oh oh oh
You getting the feel yet? That’s so marvelous
I chose the right day today mama mia oh oh oh

Narsha - Mamma Mia

One morning, when breakfast was long over and lunch was a long shot to think about Winnie-the-Pooh strolled around with his friend Piglet making up a new song.

-Trum-pah-pum... … No, it won’t do
Troom-puh-poom…. Puh-poom-puh-room
Trum-pah-pum, pah-rum-tah-rum,
Trum-pah-pum, pum-pum…

Yevgeny Leonov - Who Come As Guests In Morning Time?

He's warning all of us,
To gather what we've got,
And hold it.
It's not a long shot,
It's not a full stop,
It's not the end of,

Charlie Cunningham - Own Speed

Я стартую[fn]off to the races- быть на начальном этапе активной деятельности, предвкушать нечто новое, захватывающее[/fn]
И мне везет[fn]go places- преуспевать в чем-либо; в прямом значении - путешествовать[/fn]
Возможно, я рискую[fn] a long shot - рискованное предприятие, авантюра[/fn]
Но не упущу свой шанс
Это уникальный случай[fn] a big break - большая удача, уникальный шанс[/fn]

Demi Lovato - Пока все здорово

But I've gotta keep moving,
I was made to keep moving,
And I know it's a long shot
It was always a long shot,
But I'm trusting my aim now,
Yeah I'm trusting my aim."

Radical Face - Wandering

Write me off, give up on me
'Cause darling what did you expect
I'm just off a lost cause
A long shot, don't even take this bet

You can make all the moves, you can aim all the spotlights

Fall Out Boy - A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"

Run away into the dawn, dawn

Don’t wanna talk to the robots
They’ll only tell me it’s a long shot
And I don’t know where the train tracks go
But I follow them

Oh Land - Sleepy Town

Mais je dois continuer à bouger,
Je dois rester en mouvement.
Et je sais que c'est un tir de loin
Ç’a toujours été un tir de loin<fn><em>A long shot</em>, littéralement un long tir, est une expression signifiant <em>quelque chose qui a peu de chances de réussir</em>. J'ai choisi de garder la référence au <em>tir</em> pour respecter la métaphore filée de l'auteur dans ce refrain</fn>
Mais j'ai confiance en ma cible maintenant,
Ouais j'ai confiance en ma cible.

Radical Face - Vagabondant

To get your weed card
Unless something's really wrong
Gonna pay a visit to my doctor
It's a long shot but I gotta try
He hands me a list of all the ailments
I can have to qualify

Garfunkel and Oates - Weed Card

Do I stutter?
Hate. Hate is just another word for love.
Are you with me?
Sound, the written word means more to me than sex, by a long shot.
But ah love, love is just another price we pay.

William Control - Come Die With Me

It just might be a long shot
You're marching with your eyes shut
It just might be a long shot
You're marching with your eyes shut

We Are The In Crowd - Better Luck Next Time

Defeated them at Patay, Patay, Patay.
We saved Orle-eans and Charles was crowned tres bon!

Me leading troops- a long shot,
But I was a lucky mascot.
Inspired soldiers with brav-er-y.

Horrible Histories - Joan of Arc Song

Clear ice they skate
LeBron James on that break
Real estate with that lake
Shootin from half court got you by a long shot
Montana, that nigga from the Bronx block

Joe Budden - NBA

Whoever loves me, follow me

I've every intention of making my way
But I feel like it's taking a long shot
I put pressure on myself, confronted with my destiny
I hope that we will be able to shake hands

Florent Mothe - Shake hands

And every year, at New Year's eve
We cheer to our life within our selfimposed confines***

This wasn't everything by a long shot
In Cairo and in Kiev people are being cornered
Policemen losing their shit and shooting aimlessly into the masses

Adam Angst - Shrapnel Of Grenades

I didn't wanna, didn't wanna be the first one
I haven't ever, haven't ever been discreet
It isn't over, isn't over by a long shot
I didn't wanna, didn't wanna be the only one
To feel you there, touch your face

Stone Sour - Blotter