Long story short

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Long story short (English) — Short for "To make/cut a long story short". Used to end an account of events quickly. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Long story short — uzun lafın kısası

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Translations of "Long story short"

Arabicبالمختصر المفيد
EnglishTo make a long story short
EnglishCut a long story short
FrenchEn bref
FrenchPour résumer
FrenchPour la faire courte
Germansich kurz fassen
ItalianPer farla breve
ItalianIn breve
Italian, Japanese #1, #2, Spanish
ItalianIn poche parole
ItalianMorale della favola
ItalianMorale della storia
Russianкороче говоря

"Long story short" in lyrics

Everybody has a heart, you know, but your heart is a machine
You are sure to forget my taste and my name will remain just as a sound in your mind
If you intend to leave, be quick
Don't hurt me, cut your long story short
Don't talk too much, cut it short

Emir - Machine

Got me fucked up like Pookie in the chicken coop
Bitch, I don't give a two shits
Bitch, get the fuck out of my face
To make a long story short, I don't really gotta stand there
And listen to you while you throw a silly tantrum
Even though I have an affinity for witty banter

Eminem - Vegas

Only you and me
Only me and you
To make a long story short, I love you
Small star, I'd like to have you
Don't forget me

Blümchen - You and Me

But you belong there, you sent bad messages
From which kids couldn't learn from
You talked about money, hookers and platina
Long story short, you talked about Satan
I can't believe that the end is here
But no matter what happens, all dogs go to heaven

Struka - All dogs go to heaven

In short,I have missed (you),
this is the true sitation
one touch, one breath
is the remedy for my grief

If my heart only made a step..

Ozan Doğulu - Long story short

And sorrow swept over me

Depression, please cut to the chase
And cut a long story short
Oh, please be done, how much longer
Can this drama afford to run?

Owl City - Tidal wave

We can't see the light
When we're all born with coffin eyes

To cut a long story short
Slit your throat and bleed yourself dry
At least I could rest easy knowing

Tear Out The Heart - Coffin Eyes

You tellin me she's outta my league? NO!
I'm sorry baby but I'm still livin' Astro
You think that I'm BAD like Michael before 작은거
Long story short you should've known we DUMB HOT
VERBS & real slow we HIT like 음속

M-Flo - I'm Da 1

Je lie to seduce
to get pitty
to impress
(to make a long story) short I lie
As if I were breathing

Suarez - I lie

You tellin me she's outta my league? NO!
I'm sorry baby but I'm still livin' Astro
You think that I'm BAD like Michael before small thing
Long story short you should've known we DUMB HOT
VERBS & real slow we HIT like supersonic!

M-Flo - I'm da 1

Started out with nothing and I still got most of that
Everybody said be cool, you be payin' your dues
The world ain't give me much, I'm positive that's a fact
Make a long story short, I got nothin' to lose

[Earl St. Clair:]

Avicii - Pure Grinding

No, no, no!

Long story short: she has to be an angel! Yes...

[Bully and Male Chorus]

Bully Buhlan - Don't You Have A Bride For Me?

So that you're never short on cash
Not in debt
And to multiply the sum
I played poker, but to cut a long story short
I didn't win
You owe some money

Oldelaf - My Last Will and Testament

When I saw that things went out of proportion, I made my way back home. When I reached our village, I could see only about 10 house roofs above the water. We were lucky that our house was built on top of a hill so I found my parents on the rooftop, each of them holding a chicken in their arms. In the same moment, Valer was entering the village with his warship. When we got close to the house, our mother said to us with tears in her eyes **Boys, what have you done? May God watch over us, did you really think that we would need this much water? God help us!**. Our father was upset, and said to us **What did you do, you mad men? Don't you see that the entire world is flooded?**. But I could not hold it anymore, and said to my father, directly in his face **But now, you're not thirsty?**. He said **No, we're not, we're not thirsty Ivan**. I replied **Now you're not thirsty, but when we were little and you tied us in the celler and beat us with the aluminium cup and said to us "Take this you worthless bums, you can't do anything right. I think you won't be good not even to bring us a cup of water to our bedside when we'll be old", then you were thirsty? **. Valer agreed with me, he could not hold it anymore and told to our mother **Mother, you're not thirsty now?**....**We're not thirsty, Valer, leave us alone. You've drowned the entire village and all the fields, we don't even know what to do anymote. Allas!**....**Now you're not thirsty, but when you sent me in the night, with a bucket in my hand, to collect some water from a neighboring village, you were?**.

Long story short, me and Valer made up, but we got upset on our parents. We took them from the house and brought them in Sahara, where it was dry. There we built a Serail and we locked them inside with 10 packs of salt, so they can experience what trully means to be thirsty. When we came back after 2 weeks, the Sun was burning hot, the Serail was scorched. When we went inside the Serail, mom and dad were laying on the floor, barely alive, with dried lips and dead eyes, they were slurring **water, water, at least a cup of water**.

Then we understood that our work was not for naught, and that the time for "the cup of water" has come. We unloded 10 barrels of spring water from our own supplies, 5 from Antarctida and 5 from the Pacific Ocean, we started the pomp and gave them water to drink. The next day, bloted from so much water, our parents when to their eternal sleep. We became sad and we cried for 2 weeks, but at least we know that we fulfilled our duty as good and obedien children and we brought a cup of water to our parents bedside.

Planeta Moldova - The cup of water

In Albuquerque

Well, to cut a long story short,
he got away with my snorkel
But I made a a solemn vow right then and there

Weird Al Yankovic - Albuquerque

Long story short what happened
Since the day your feeling's gone
Every day I'm a year older

Assala Nasri - the season of trouble

Love is a great magician
That can change your sorrow in less than a second
Love, to cut a long story short
It gives you youth in all corners of the world

Jean Vallée - Love makes you sing about life

Gracias Papa!
Niggers stand up [fn]again, "svartskalle" literally translates to 'black head /schwarzkopf' and is a very derogative word. Bears the same meaning and charge/connotations as 'nigger' does, hence why I used it in the translation (even though "nigger" would be 'neger' in Swedish; which btw is just as derogative)[/fn]
Listen constable REVA [fn]long story short: REVA was a project held by the police & the immigration office in Sweden, where Swedish citizens where stopped on the streets/subways and such and were asked for identification. The aim being to find illegal immigrants. It was criticized for being too influenced by the innate racism of the officers of the law that made these 'arrests' (since they tended to target people who didn't look "Swedish"). Some people thought it was the correct thing to do, others didn't. They received both praise and blame for their efforts.[/fn]
It's people like these that you detain [fn]also: obstruct/stop among others[/fn]
In the subway every morning when they're heading for work

Stor - Daddy's song

He finds it hard existing
To cut a long story short
I lost my mind
To cut a long story short
I lost my mind

Spandau Ballet - To cut a long story short

But not the people that I got into it wit' back in the day

From Pompale to la they got beef wit' me homie up until this day
To make a long story short I stepped out the tub
Walked around the corner to the local night club
Sittin' at a table just doin' my thang

Afroman - God Has Smiled On Me

In his frame on the wall
As he pushed back his hat
And it's all coming back
I'd cut a long story short
But it's much too late for that

Deep Purple - Somebody stole my guitar

It was a horrific place!
With a terrible mess everywhere
Yes, everything was chaos, earthquakes
And volcanoes to make a long story short!

Then Zues made his entrance

Hercules (OST) - Gospel Song I

I mean: he, he never asked to be raised up from the tomb
I mean no one ever actually asked him to forsake his dreams

Anyway, to cut a long story short
Fame finally found him
Mirrors became his torturers

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!