Spinvis - Loop Der Dingen (English translation)

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The course of things

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I'm on my way
I'm looking like a hero
On my way to a foreign planet
That carries your name
I'm calculating your orbit
I'm faling through your atmosphere
Slow like a leaf
Slowly I'm coming closer
I'm landing gently on your belly in the grass
I walk onder the sun
I travel to your lips
And climb into your mouth
Deep am I letting myself down on a rope
Down the stairs
Strange and familiar will it be
Of your langue
I don't understand a word
I'm wandering through your cities
I forget what I'm hearing
I live in your icy palace
I sleep on your land
And by your river I freeze
And I travel
I will sail your seas
I will climb your rocks
And I will die on your beach
Submitted by Alpine Imp on Sat, 05/12/2009 - 14:44

Loop Der Dingen

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