Loreley (English translation)

  • Artist: Dschinghis Khan
  • Song: Loreley
  • Translations: English
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Every man wanted her to be his wife
But her heart wasn't free anymore
For there was only one guy she loved
But he went to war
And never returned
There was nothing else she had left
So she sat on a cliff looking out on the valley
Where the river Rhine was at its deepest
That's where she sang her song
And those who heard her
Forgot about the danger
Loreley ley ley
The Rhine is flowing beneath you
Like a blue ribbon
Across the wide beautiful country
Loreley ley ley
You're sitting there in the sunshine
Combing your golden hair
Loreley ley ley
Ships are moving past you
And those who spot you there
Are enchanted by your song
Loreley ley ley
Many didn't make it home
But that was a long long long time ago
Her song sounded so lovely
Like a long forgotten dream
You could hear her from afar
And the fishermen in their boats
Sailed by in morning light
And her image stood with them forever
Many a boat crashed at the harsh cliff
For the men saw nothing but her
She averted her eyes
As the maelstrom swallowed them
She felt sorry for none
Loreley ley ley
Then there was a prince who heard the story
Of beautiful Loreley
And he swore to himself
"Soon she'll be mine"
And so they set sails
On the old father Rhine
But they drank way too much...
Wine - to Loreley
Who believes in magic anyway?
Wine - pour another round
May God forgive us
She was still singing her song
She was still combing her hair
Long after the boat had sunken to the ground
Loreley ley ley ...
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An old German legend, a variant of the Greek myth of the Siren.

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