Nadau - Los de qui cau (English translation)


Los de qui cau

Que’m soi lhevat lèu de la taula,
Qu’aví de partir tà Bordèu,
Shens díser arren, eth que m’espiava,
Era que m’a balhat sheis ueus.
N’aurèi pas pro de la mia vita,
N’aurèi pas pro de cent cançons,
Entà’us tornar ua petita
Part de çò qui m’an balhat, tots.
Que son los mens,
Drets sus la tèrra,
Que van tot doç suu caminau,
Lo camp laurat que huma encuèra,
Que son los mens, los de qui cau.
Ne hèn pas a la loteria,
N’atenden pas hèra deu cèu,
Sonque dilhèu, combat lo dia,
E de poder dromir la nueit.
Ne saben pas la grana Història,
Qu’aidan los chins a vàder grans
E qu’an au hons de la memòria
Tots los qui son passats abans.
Ne hartan pas jamei lo monde,
Son pas sovent sus lo jornau,
Sonque un còp tà viéner au monde,
E tà plegar, qu’ei lo dusau.
Son aquiu, quan lo temps s’estanca,
Au correder de l’espitau,
En esperar las daunas blancas,
A s’espiar los soliers tròp naus.
La nueit que cad sus Labohèira,
Entà Bordèu, jo que me’n vau,
Qu’ensaji de boishar lo vèire,
Mès n’ei pas suu vèire qui plau.
Adishatz donc, tots los de casa,
Siatz hardits, ne’n soi pas mei,
Que volí díser, en quauquas frasas
Çò qui non disetz pas jamei.
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Es sostítols en francés apareishen en videoclip, mès i a uns errors.

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English translation

Those for Whom There Is Need

I got up early from the table,
I had to leave for Bordeaux,
Without saying a word, he looked at me,
She gave me six eggs.
I won’t have enough of my life,
I won’t have more than a hundred songs,
To give back to them a little
Part of what they’ve given me, all.
They are mine,
Right here on earth,
They go so softly on the path,
The plowed field is still smoky,
They are mine, those for whom there is need.
They don’t play the lottery,
They’re not waiting for an act of God,1
Only perhaps, to struggle during the day,
And to be able to sleep at night.
They don’t know the great scheme of things,2
They help their children to grow up big,
And they have, at the back of their minds,3
All those that came before.
They never bother anyone,
They’re not often in the paper,4
Only one time to come into the world,
And to finish one’s work, is the second.
They’re here, when time stops,
In the hallway of the hospital,
Waiting for the women in white,
Staring at the shoes that are too new.
The night falls on Labouheyre5
To Bordeaux, I’m going away,
I try to wipe the windshield6
But it’s not on the windshield that it's raining.
So farewell, all those from home,
Be strong, I’m not here anymore.
I wanted to tell you, in a few words
That which you never say.
  • 1. Literally, “something very big from heaven.”
  • 2. Literally, “the great Story” or “History.”
  • 3. Literally, “at the bottom of the memory.”
  • 4. ”newspaper”
  • 5. commune in the Landes department, see here
  • 6. (Of a car, with windshield wipers.)
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There are subtitles in French in the video clip, but know that they contain some errors.

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