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Los mareados (English translation)

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The dizzy ones

As if you were burning
That's how I found you, drinking
Looking pretty and fatal
You were drinking
And amidst the uproar caused by the champagne
You laughed like crazy
In order not to cry
I felt pity when I found you
Because when I looked at you
I saw how your eyes shone
With an electrical burning
Your beautiful eyes that I adored so much
Tonight, my friend
Alcohol has inebriated us
Who cares if everybody laughs
While calling us 'the dizzy ones'
Everyone has sorrows
And we have our own
This night we will drink
Because we are not going to
See each other again anymore
Today you will become part of my past
The past of my life
Three are three things that a wounded soul carries
Love, grief, pain
Today you will become part of my past
Today we will start walking new paths
How great our love was
And yet, alas, look at what is left now
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Los mareados

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