Los sonidos del silencio (English translation)

English translation

The sound of silence

Old friend darkness
I'd like to talk again
Because I had again
A vision that softly
Was changing my way of thinking
I hear it talk
I hear it in the silence
In my dreams, I was walking
Among the fog and the city
Through cold, desolate streets
When a white and frozen light
Hurt my eyes
And also hurt the darkness
I saw it shine
I see it in the silence
In the naked light I saw
A thousand people maybe more
People who talked without speaking
People who heard without listening
And a sound that
Wrapped them mercilessly
I can hear it
Sounds of silence
Then I wanted to talk to them
Then I wanted to help them
I wanted to feel them like brothers
I wanted to take them by the hand
But they couldn't
They couldn't wake up
And understand
The day in silence
They kneeled to pray
That light was their God
I screamed at them to wake up
That the truth wasn't there
That prophets, aren't neon lights
And that God
Always talks in silence
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Los sonidos del silencio

Kmiltreu    Wed, 21/03/2018 - 00:53

I have here some corrections and suggestions for your translation:

Hurted my eyes => Hurt my eyes (In English, "hurt" is used for both present and past tense)
And also huted darkness => And also hurt the darkness
I screamed them to wake up => I screamed at them to wake up
"Among the fog and the city" sounds strange. It's not easy to translate this Spanish sentence completely literally, but I would consider something like "In the city through the fog"

Otra vez quisiera hablar => "I want to talk again" is fine, but "I'd like to talk again" reflects the Spanish meaning a little better.
I was walking in dreams => You aren't wrong, but "In my dreams, I was walking" sounds more natural

Through cold desert streets => Through cold, desolate streets (This is the only one where the meaning would actually be misunderstood by a native English speaker)

Diazepan Medina    Wed, 21/03/2018 - 00:59

Though I kept the "Among the fog and the city"