Lost track

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Meanings of "Lost track"


No longer be informed or know about something or someone

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to lose contact with someone

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Χάνω επαφή

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Χάνει τον λογαριασμό, δεν αντιλαμβάνεται τι κάνει

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Perder la cuenta

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"Lost track" in lyrics

Eisbrecher - Hell has to wait

I would have died for you
as if there'd be no tomorrow
I’ve lost track of time
but I've sworn to myself

Grand Corps Malade - Train Rides

For the first few miles, you can't take your eyes off her (or him),
Behind the window, you're not thinking about the changing countryside,
You feel alive, you feel light, you've lost track of time,
You're feeling so good that you almost want to kiss the conductor.

Eden Ben Zaken - Move

** Nobody is leaving
My heart is starting to fly out of my body
I lost track of time
Everyone here is as if drowning in a spell

Merve Yavuz - As I was walking I leant on a weeping willow tree

O almigtly mountains have I ever hurt you,
Hurt you
I lost track of my lover come and help me find it peacefully,
Come and help me find it peacefully(2)

Arctic Monkeys - Are You Mine

Keep imagining meeting, wished away entire lifetimes
Unfair we’re not somewhere misbehaving for days
Great escape, lost track of time and space
She’s a silver lining climbing on my desire

Chico Buarque - I Love You

Oh, if we already lost track of time
If together we already tossed everything away
Tell me now how I'm supposed to leave

Jürgen Drews - A Bed In A Cornfield

Some time later, her bike lied in the gras,
And so it came that she lost track of time,
With my guitar I told her about my life

Lana Del Rey - Best American Record (Architecture)

My baby used to dance underneath my architecture
We lost track of space
We lost track of time

The Score - Dreamin

They ain't takin over-ver

Lost track of the times
When I felt the pain

Sharon Den Adel - Today

Everything I'm asking for is within reach again

I frequently lost track
Thought I wasn't able to

Petter - Long ago

have a heart without wrinkles
it stays intact
and i never lost track of my dreams
could never reach far enough so I loved from a distance

Sharon Den Adel - Today

Everything I'm asking for is within reach again

I often lost track
I thought I couldn't do it

Unlike Pluto - Late Bloomer

[Verse 3]
We try to stretch the time
We lost track of the nights
We slept away the days and hoped we'd never ages

Manos Hatzidakis - Don't ask the sky

word after word and we lost track of time
pain has swept us off and nightfall caught up with us
wipe the tear with your handkerchief
to drink the sun, out of your lips

ScReamOut - WhatsApp-Status

I think, you'll never return home.

We are free, we lost track while running, our love (thesedays) is dead like Immanuel Kant .
and it can be, that it is my fault,

Anthony Hamilton - Best of me

Good morning, here's breakfast
Lost track of time but, we had a ball
Let's catch a movie, then dinner

Frank Boeijen - Kronenburg Park

Get out of that world, within the time of a second
And start looking around in our paradise
Don't ask for the road to follow, because everybody lost track

Claudio Baglioni - I would go away

what a mess… what day is today?
I think i lost track of time…
I’m here you there

HÆRT - Just for the weekend

Day turns to night
When blinds are closed
Lost track of time, nobody has to know
That i just might need you tomorrow

Bastille - Bad Decisions

Do you remember what you said to me?
Cos we lost track of time, yeah we lost track of time