The Daily Planet lyrics

  • Artist: Love
  • Album: Forever Changes

The Daily Planet

In the morning we arise and
Start the day the same old way
As yesterday the day before and
All in all it's just a day like
All the rest so do your best with
Chewing gum and it is oh so
Waiting on the sun
Down on Go-Stop Boulevard it
Never fails to bring me down
The sirens and the accidents and
For a laugh there's Plastic Nancy
She's real fancy with her children
They'll go far, she buys them toys to
Keep in practice
Waiting on the war
I feel shivers in my spine
When the iceman says his ice is melting
Won't be there on time
Hope he finds a rhyme
For his little mind
I can see you
With no hands (face)
Eyes I need you
You're my heart (face)
Look we're going 'round and 'round
Written by:
Arthur Lee
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Written by:
Arthur Lee


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