Lower class

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Ciceris emptor

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Neki ljudi koriste nižu klasu da označe podjelu društva za koje smatraju da imaju najniži društveni status. Ljudi niže klase pripadaju društvenoj klasi koja ima najniži položaj u društvu i najmanje novca.

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Some people use the lower class to refer to the division of society that they consider to have the lowest social status. Lower-class people belong to the social class that has the lowest position in society and the least money.

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"Lower class" in lyrics

Rap Monster - Monster

So they can’t say anymore, why do you keep smacking your lips?
Chew me up and bite me, they say the tasting is fun
Lower class life bitch, console yourself even just like that
Okay, ‘hip hop, hip hop~’ is your everything, what will you do?

Calle 13 - The Dance of the Poor

Monsieur, here came your Robin Hood to hit the balls in the holes like Tiger Woods.
You belong to the upper-class and I to the lower-class, you wear silk and I wear straw.
We complement each other like a couple, you drink distilled water and I drink water with microbes.

Andrés Eloy Blanco - Paint Me Little Black Angels(Poem)

with the hues of my people;
with your angel of fine pearl[fn]Those of upper class status[/fn]
with your middling angel [fn]Middle or lower class people. Reference:
Also, translated from the spanish Wiki: "The term has its origin in the wardrobe of the eighteenth century when beaver fur hats that were used were imported to South America, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay from Cadiz and there were two types: center hair (more expensive by the coat quality) and middling [medio pelo]-not as refined. The former were more expensive, were associated with upper-class people, while middling identified with the middle class people." [/fn]

Die Fantastischen Vier - Tunnel

Up there everything's uncertain, when you break it down
The upper class wonders why they're not down here with us
High Society is now called lower class
"Come in, then you can look out"

Manolo Escobar - The Spain of Gypsies

I'm gypsy from Granada
born in Albaicin
a lower class neighborhood
as white as a jasmine.

Café Tacuba - Chilanga Banda

inhalants, roaches and street food

Zoot Suiters, Gangsters and Hicks (mexican version of rednecks or lower class people),
Chichinflas(petty robbers) and Malafachas(People with bad taste, no fashion and bad customs)

Shahin Najafi - radikal

I should turn this ash into storm
History is not far away; it will raise it high
the righteous lower class of ours
Work, will be equal to people’s share

Raubtier - Camouflage

In camouflage!

You see us as a lower class, that doesn't fit in
With high volume, in mossy oak and tattooed skin

Fler - German Bad Boy

My boys don't have it
The lower class says 'at the end of the day',
The lower class isn't important
A German bad boy

Evita (Musical) - Don't Cry for Me Argentina (New Broadway Cast Recording (2012))

Things have reached a pretty pass
When someone pretty lower class
Can be accepted and admired

Bushido - Alles verloren

I give a **** for how much money I already made
I will stay this boy who once dealt (with drugs) forever
I do the lessons, the lessons for the lower class
Shut the **** up, nobody will disturb me

Rouh El Fouad - Leisurely, leisurely

No hurry, slowly. O,fellow

They said that he is of a lower class
I asked my eyes to stop

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure (OST) - The Junkyard Nobility

Within the Junkyard Nobility

We are the lower class of the alleys
Riffraff and Scum from top to paw

Evita (Musical) - Peron's Latest Flame

Things have reached a pretty pass
When someone pretty lower Class
Graceless and vulgar , uninspired

Bushido - Dogs that bark do not bite

the gun remains loaded the patterns engraved
Hengzt Kataldi I give this fag a piano
Strassen Mukke you Turk the lower class pushes hatred
my friend here at the cafe just want the signature on the passport

Los Terricolas - The Commoner (The Plebeian)

the man who could love
and that suffering under that infamous law
to love an aristocrat, he being vulgar (of lower class)

Marteria - Ivory

Yes, I am a big elephant
I drive my tusks into your beloved country
your primitive lower class ten thousands don't see any hope
for the boy, who gives everything for a piece of bread in his hand

Adriano Celentano - The Loan

And restoring the face of the cities<fn>honestly, I wouldn't be able to explain it. It's something like "giving cities their identities, since now they seem like they've lost them".</fn>
Neighbourhoods and lower-class artisans

Norlie & KKV - V for Vendetta

That it will make your jaws drop when we explode

Fuck standard, this is lower class.
R-rap came out for the busted,

Bob Hund - Lower class clown

Like the middle class clown
to the upper class clown
The lower class clown
has always been best in class