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Løyndomsriss (English translation)

  • Artist: Wardruna Also performed by: Vikings (OST)
  • Song: Løyndomsriss Album: Runaljod -- gap var Ginnunga (2009)
  • Translations: English #1


Den tredje er deg,
ok tri ek nemnar.
  • Thurs.:

Submitted by florazinaflorazina on 2021-01-05
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The Secret Carving

Versions: #1#2
**Fly sudre, fly
Fly austre, fly
Fly nordre, fly
Fly vestre, fly
Heilir ginnregin
Heilir ginnregin
Heilir ginnregin
Mannar, thursar tri
Vendir mot jordi
Vendir mot jordi**
Fly south, fly
Fly east, fly
Fly north, fly
Fly west, fly
Hail the mighty powers
Hail the mighty powers
Hail the mighty powers
Men, giants tree
Turning towards earth
Turning towards earth
Submitted by Izi PiziIzi Pizi on 2022-10-01
Author's comments:

**these are the actual lyrics of Loyndomsriss** I added them in the translation here because I don't think I can edit the original post.

Translations of "Løyndomsriss"
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