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I need this hug too much
I need to gather my pieces
I'll tell you with details
Why i've been this sad
Its been a while that don't desire you
That i dont look for you or ask for your kisses
I feel that our story is walking to an end.
I almost packed my bags
I cried while i decorated my lines
But for what if i know that we still love each other
I will pray so we can understand ourselves
I have a new plan to reignite our flame
My bags are ready, but also have your clothes
We are going to a honeymoon
Make me feel in love, bring back that charm
Open that smile for me
Whenever we go, say that you accept it please
It is worth it fight to save the n
Submitted by beorl on Wed, 18/10/2017 - 18:46
Added in reply to request by Carlos C
Author's comments:

save the n? The ending finishes with an abrupt break. It may also be the name of the singer.


Lua de mel

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