Sorriso Maroto - Lua de mel (English translation)

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I'm in need of this hug too much
I'm in need of putting my pieces together
I'll tell you in details.
Why I am so sad like this
It's been a while I don't desire you
Don't look for you or ask for your kisses
I feel that our history is moving towards the end
I've even packed
I cried while decorating the lines
But what for if I know that we still love each other
I'll pray we make up
I have a plan to reignite our flame.
My bags are ready, but they also have clothes of yours
Let's go for a honeymoon.
Make me fall in love, bring that look again
Which in the past paralyzed me across the street
"Open" this smile for me.
Wherever it is for, say you yes, please
It is worth fighting to save our love.
Submitted by Fábio Noronha on Wed, 18/10/2017 - 18:49

Lua de mel

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