Anabantha - Luna confusa (English translation)

English translation

Confused moon

Confused moon, tired of the sky
which agonizes among mists of dead angels,
and there, laughter comes to an end.
We are lost in the dream of flying,
to the peaks of coldness,
where there's no sound
and the celestial nymph shall speak to you.
Unfinished phrase that dictates your soul,
singing to the breeze
that crawls your fears,
doubting if heaven is for you.
Perpetual moon, anchored to the sea of stars,
searching to be part of them,
without realizing you are my godness.
You already forgot about all of that blood
spilled in your temple of that suffering...
sacrifices to make you smile.
Just learning.
Submitted by Poni de Cthulhu on Mon, 12/03/2018 - 06:45

Luna confusa

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