Лунная Мистерия (Lunnaya Misteriya) (English translation)

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Moon mystery

The full moon has risen,
Her power is holding me by the window,
I feel in my soul since childhood
Her steady cold light.
At last this hour has come,
I have been waiting and languishing a whole month,
Each time, like for the first time,
My sadness retreats.
She takes just one step back
And stands behind, breathing,
She doesn't dare coming closer,
So, that not to intervene.
The poplars are rustling with the leaves,
Getting it all right,
Repeating the dog's howling,
The grey fear is fading.
The moon lights so snugly,
It's not difficult to start a conversation,
She has changed all the rhythms at once,
And it's so kindly inside me.
Like a forest glade
I know everything,
Everything is right,
Everything, that has been freezing inside me,
Has thawed in the moonlight.
I can hear the hushed voices,
Husky whispering,
But under the windows they told me, that
There's 3:00 a.m.
So, the dawn is near,
First, it will get light in the east,
The band of light is sliding down the wall,
In half an hour everything will start to hurt and ossify.
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Лунная Мистерия (Lunnaya Misteriya)

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