Lyubov (Любовь) (English translation)

  • Artist: Dolphin (Дельфин | Андрей Вячеславович Лысиков)
  • Song: Lyubov (Любовь) 6 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, #3, French, Turkish, Uzbek
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It is bigger than my heart
Its scarier than a leap from the rooftop
Its louder that a scream of a crazed
But much quieter than a squeak of a frightened mouse
It is something that everybody is looking for a lifetime
Finds, loses, finds it again
It is something in a white veil with a smirk on its face
Searching in a day light
I'm telling you about love
It is weightless on its own
Its lighter than your thoughts
But remember now it shredded your soul
When it was fading away
and your eyes smeared with tears
Its soft hands
will tie the rope on your neck
Changing your very own self
It will make you raise on your tip toes
And you still won't see it
You will never look look into its eyes
Always thinking not to hurt it
Naively thinking that it is not mad
You can blossom and fade with it
It will destroy you like a flower by a moth
I would rather die this way
Than never know what love is
Its good with her around and weird when its not
Missing its happy tears
If it came along, it slowly fades away
Leaving nasty feeling
I keep my door closed
So that it can knock before it enters
Not to happen to be long forgotten
The one that shall take a different path
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Author's comments:

Did my best at this point as the Russian lyrics are quite abstract and I did not really want to change much of a direct meaning, and my translation doesn't quite rhyme.

Lyubov (Любовь)

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