Elena Paparizou - M'agaliazei To Skotadi (Μ'αγκαλιάζει το σκοτάδι) (English translation)

English translation

Darkness hugs me

The city is gray;the lights are low
and a tear is rolling in the face(the singer's face)
and tonight the night is a crack in my eyes
whose hands are touching you?
whose caress,whose body?
You're still a wound
you're my secret illness
and every night I want you more
you're still a wound
you're my secret ilness
I can't stand away from you not even for a moment
Darkness hugs me
in the bed every night
and I don't see your sky
my mind is making circles*
and I complain
Because you leave me with a naked dream
darkness hugs me
in the bed every night
a 'sorry' is not enough for you;what can I say?
and I'll do whatever you ask me
For me it's enough if you come back
what is my fault for still loving you?
The leaking tap is making me company
drop by drop she's talk to me about you
the glass is blurred;my body is dry
and tonight I get lost to the night's smoke
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Author's comments:

*she's thinking again and again the same thing


M'agaliazei To Skotadi (Μ'αγκαλιάζει το σκοτάδι)