Ma sœur (English translation)

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My sister

You see, you were the only one
The only one whom I truly trusted
the one whom I would have never dared doubt about
overdose of conscience,
however you had become my sister in my heart,
no one should have split us,
destiny or bad luck
you see, I’ve tried to find the reasons
but I can’t be held responsible for what you did to me,
now I can trust a bit more,
even if it’s been two years since that happened
I haven’t forgotten, not even the details,
why does it hurt so much,
having been betrayed by my only friend
the only one to whom I had entrusted my life,
like if that was the normal thing to do,
you thought I would turn the page just like that,
but it’s not over yet, I still feel rage in me,
(chorus x2)
Deceived by my heart, betrayed by my sister,
the only one on whom I had faith, trust,
is the one who lied to me,
today at last, your time has come,
you’re going to pay for what you did, even in the smallest of details, that I can promise you,
Now you’re crying
because my eyes don’t believe you, you don’t have anyone left
you say you’re all alone, and that, that scares you,
(that scares you)
when there’s no one there to listen to you and support you
you’ve lost your little sister,
the one who believed in your friendship blindly,
but I don’t think you know what that means,
the one who would spend hours on the telephone
listening to you crying over him, I’m not finished yet,
I want you to understand how much pain I went through
that evening when I saw you going to bed with him,
you couldn’t find someone else for yourself,
you had to come and look for someone in my bed
You were my sister
you were my sister
I didn’t understand
how could you,
you shouldn’t have,
no, you should never have,
you should never have,
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Ma sœur

Kali AbyssKali Abyss    Sat, 05/05/2012 - 01:51

Nice I luv this song so much n.n

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