Zale - Ma topesc (English translation)

English translation

Ma topesc

Feel this...(dj'ing)
I just want to call you in your parents home
everytime I remember your profile (body)
And I love to look into your eyes
And to charm you ... here kitty , kitty , go , go!
And to present you this promotional gift
given with slow motion, in emotional times
In the press (paparazzi's) I'm a little murder
'cause I'm charming you with this voal in an exciting way
a lot of girls would love to jump in my arms
they cannot see I'm desguised in ?? stop !
Because in the raining time girl
It's nice outside when we're together only 2 of us
Tonight I'll be your samurai my gheisha
or your sailer, and on the bout is going to be a show
I may be your Shaggy, you my Carolina
I may be Bandera and you Mandolina
I feel I'm melting for your eyes
i want to touch always your face
(don't stand, on the beat, don't stand)
You know I'm hit by your perfume
and with it I would like to get drunk always
I would like to espress in words
everything my heart feels for you... it's
the same joy in my everytime you smile
like when I cover you after you fell asleep
then went to the work, it's like all workd better
warmed by the thought I 'll come back at you, maybe
you didn't noticed that we don't observ how easier one night passes
Unsticking our lips by only some whispers
laid on the sand, near the seaside
looking where the clouds walk
the sun sends it sumbeams with lihgts that rains
in your eyes like 2 drops of des
it was written for us our roads to meet
without to know, we wince when we feel our perfume
I love the soft touch of your hands
when in my dream I wince and I'm touched by petals
Submitted by mister Xazos on Mon, 01/12/2008 - 20:49
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Calusarul    Mon, 28/11/2011 - 20:24

Mr & Miss Xazos, you melted this song and the translation in the same pot.

Berliner25    Mon, 28/11/2011 - 21:46

This song is copied from explaining the mixing of Romanian and English in both columns. Please correct this.

citruswind    Tue, 29/11/2011 - 02:22

Languages have been swapped, thanks for letting us know!! =)