Elissa - Maa Sabk Al Esrar (مع سبق الإصرار) (English translation)


Maa Sabk Al Esrar (مع سبق الإصرار)

جربت في مرة تقرب
من إنسان مجروح
ضايع مهزوم
محـروم من طعم الفرح
ساعـة ما اتألم اتـكـلـم
بـحـلاوة روح
راجـع مـجـروح
مـش قـادر يـهـرب مـن الـجـرح
حس بدفا فى ايديك
حبيته لقيته فى حضنك طفل برئ
طيبت جراحه
اديته عينيك
اديته مشاعرك
مشيته طريق
عرفته إزاى من تانى الفرح
يسكن مطرح كل الأحزان
وزرعت أمان
ولقيت الطرح
فجأة بيدبل على إيد إنسان
جربت يخونك
ويسيبك في السكة
مش طايق حتى يحس بجرحك
جربت عيونك تناديله
وتستنجد بيه
ولقيته على دمعك واقف يضحك
أيوة بيضحك
ولقيته على دمعك
واقف يضحك
حنيت لمكان كان دايماً
يجمع بينكم
ولقيته بيخونك فيه
جربت تواجه واحد بخيانته
هزمك جبروت فى عينيه
كان نفسك تصرخ فى العالم
ملقيتش فى قلبك صوت
ضحيت بحياتك والظالم
بيجرب فيك الموت
جربت تموت؟
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English translation


Did you once try to get closer
to a wounded person,
Someone who's lost, defeated
and deprived of the taste of joy?
When he was in pain, he spoke up
in his dying breaths
He came back, wounded
and unable to escape his wounds
[And then] he felt safe
and felt warmth in your hands
You loved him and saw him as an innocent child in your embrace
You healed his wounds
You gave him your eyes
You gave him your feelings
You helped him on his way
You showed him how joy can once again
replace all the sadness
and you planted safety (in him)
but found that the harvest
is wilting by the hands of someone..
Did you try to taste his betrayal,
and his abandonment of you in the middle of the road
as a sad person?
He can't even stand to feel your pain
Did you try to have your eyes call upon him
and ask for his help
only to find him standing laughing at your tears?
Yes, laughing!
And found him
standing laughing at your tears...
You longed for a place that always
united you both
And you found him cheating on you in it..
Did you try to confront someone with his betrayal
but the callousness in his eyes defeated you?
You wanted to scream out in the world
But found no voice in your heart
You sacrificed your whole life and he injustly
was trying out death on you1
Did you try to die?
  • 1. I.e. He was toying with you, not caring if you might die.
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