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You forgot me
I Forgot defeat and victory
Oh ma what shall I do, I gotta win you!
My heart doesn't accept, my friend
When she wore her bindi my eyes throbbed
Her drape (chunni) promised me many tomorrows
Her hand was in my hand
Every word of hers was sweet.
Ma, you were the laughter
Oh Ma I remember her
She slays me, she stays in my eye
Oh Ma I remember her.
Oh Ma
Wet in the rain,she'd come walking
If I get late, she cries softly
Now should I cry again , that she's gone again
She becomes like the cool breeze around me
Oh Ma! My diamond like songs! Oh ma! Songs and ballads
Oh Ma, I remember her
You look like heaven, I pray that I get you
Oh Ma, I remember her
Now what shall I do, who shall I cry to, oh Maa!
Now what shall I do, who shall I cry to, oh Maa!
Oh ...
Leave the world and come away with me!
Lose your false relationships and come away with me
Listen, you little piece of god! Come away just once
Because, if we meet, we'll never separate.
Never separate ... never separate ... oh
If you're there, come, someone bring her!
Oh Ma, I remember her
You slay me! you stay in my eyes
Oh Ma, I remember her
You forgot my love, oh ma! It feels like four months ago..
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