Mabrouk Trakti | مبروك ترَكـتي (English translation)


Mabrouk Trakti | مبروك ترَكـتي

جينا نقلِك مبروك ترَكـتي
وعمِلتي حفلة ودبَكـتي
فلّيتي وجبتيلو السكتة
جانن حايموت
صبرتي وضَحّيتي وشارَكـتي
يتغيَّر هاي أبيَخ نكتة
براڤو خططتي وتكتكتي
دَخلو مبسوط
ولا مرة جرَحتي إحساسو
كنتي أهلو وكنتي وناسو
إنتي كَبّـرتيها براسو
إنتي عملتيه
ياما حملتي هَمّو عنو
بعمرِك ما خيّبتي ظنو
أصلاً إنتي أحلى منو
ضيعانِـك فيه
اللي عندو متلِك بتحبو
تحافظ على عرضو وعلى قلبو
يبوس الأرض ويشكر ربو
بهيدا الزمان
ما صاروا تلاتة بالمية
النسوان المش مصلحجيّة
ضيّع كنز من الحنيّة
هوي الخسران
عليكي جرّب يرفع إيدو
خلي قسوة قلبو تفيدو
بكرا بتلاقي سيد سيدو
يحبك للموت
ويقدّر شو عندِك طيبة
وما يتحمّل عنو تغيبي
ولو صوتِك قلو يا حبيبي
يدوب من الصوت
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English translation

Congratulations on Leaving Him

We've come to congratulate you on leaving him
You've thrown a party and danced dabke1
You left and gave him a stroke
He is going mad and about to die
You were patient, sacrificed and shared
That he would change is a silly joke
Bravo, you planned and strategized
And he was happy
You never hurt his feelings
You were his people and all he had
You made him determined
You were the one who built him
You always carried his burdens for him
You never let him down
You are more beautiful than him anyways
You were lost on him
He who has someone who loves him
And is so good to his heart
Should kiss the ground and thank God
Because in these times
less than 3%
of women care for anything but their interests
He lost a treasure of tenderness
It's his loss
He tried to raise his hand hitting you
The cruelty of his heart won't help him
Soon you will find someone way better
who will love you to death
Someone who will appreciate your kindness,
And wouldn't bear that you stay away from him
And if your voice called him: oh darling
he would melt in love just because of the voice
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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