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Beast Engine lyrics

  • Artist: Machinae Supremacy
  • Album: Into the Night World (2016)

Beast Engine

The ground, torn asunder, foul scent of blood and dirt
Shine a light into a darkness otherwise left undisturbed
Can you tell who they are by the shadows they cast?
Dark souls find ways to pass through the light,
hide in plain sight, they hunt and claim the day and the night
Are these our final hours just before the fall?
One breath and all is lost, once and for all
Fate sealed, the ground begins to roar beneath our feet
One breath and all is lost, the end revealed
(…the end of all)
Your souls will fuel the engine
No end to punishment
Evil must be defeated
‘cause Evil does not relent
What if hell isn’t future but part of our past?
Some always seek to resurrect old ways,
travel back in haste, have the world relive its darkest days
I touch the fire and I soar
embrace your burning heart, be something more
I wear their symbols on my skin,
but I am not like them, not deep within
I touch the fire and I rise, fly again
I touch the fire and I fly
I touch the fire and I rise
I touch the fire - I’m alive
Submitted by LithiumLithium on 2022-08-12


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