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My Dragons Will Decimate lyrics

  • Artist: Machinae Supremacy
  • Album: Into the Night World (2016)

My Dragons Will Decimate

in a universe of nothing, like the sun,
I am one of an infinite number,
all too lost, too undone
I will forge my own world, my own law,
and if broken, my dragons will decimate
without a single word ever spoken
Firelight for as far as heaven is wide
Summon the dragon war
Twilight of the ones, the Children of God
Burning, falling
Why — in spite of great abundance — do we suffer? Die?
The wise know not to off the light at night,
so to watch the lazy waste their lives
I will forge…
We have allowed you to stake your claim,
but you’ll do nothing else, no more
This world is not, never was your domain
and you have lost this war
Submitted by LithiumLithium on 2022-08-12


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