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Into the Night World lyrics

  • Artist: Machinae Supremacy
  • Album: Into the Night World (2016)

Into the Night World

Pulled under,
I drown in search for meaning in this ocean
of self-hating children and blame
Why does the story always end the same way?
The fire’s fading, I am
I will decide and shed forever
my frozen image here on earth
I’m being pulled Into The Night World
Enter a Phantom Universe
(This) was not meant for me,
and I feel you owe no emotion
I hold my head high just the same
I will use what I have, what you gave away
We play with our words
and we play with our tongues
And we dream of songs that have yet to be sung
while our hearts grow stale
I know this ink on my skin forms a link
from my sins to my soul
I can see, now, sight beyond sight,
of a world behind ours,
and the truth behind the veil
The fire’s fading, I am playing along, it’s all so fake
The fire’s fading, I am
Enter a new age here on Earth
Enter a Phantom Universe
Submitted by LithiumLithium on 2022-08-12


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