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Twe27ySeven lyrics

  • Artist: Machinae Supremacy
  • Album: Into the Night World (2016)


A course was set
but with a planet this far gone
was there ever any hope at all?
I vaguely recollect the ache of our ambition,
our brief age of contrition
We set out, we had a mission
Once our common cause, I would give my all
The sun could not outshine me
It wasn’t something new, just something real and true
There is a fire in my heart and somewhere deep inside
a cry for war still overtakes the silence
All they ever see is my face,
it’s all part of the show,
our masquerade, always
Dawn is only so near,
and our pain and our pride
is all we have here,
We are too busy standing tall,
caught up, and too afraid
what happens if we stumble, if we fall?
We build our homes of sticks and weeds
and fear the wind too much to risk planting new seeds
But that’s just what we need now
But you’re still on my mind, in my sights,
and if I have to carry on alone,
I will conquer on my own
I stand outside the world, A Guardian,
I will defend it with my life
and I am soaring ever higher
…all we have
Submitted by LithiumLithium on 2022-08-12


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