Rainhard Fendrich - Macho Macho (English translation)

English translation

Macho Macho

He has a buttock like Apollo
Vigor is vibrating in his hips
He's charming like Rene Kollo*
And has a look like Genghis Khan
You'll stay an idiot for a lifetime
his teacher teased him often (like that)
nowadays he's a model for pants
a macho and a sex object
Macho macho you're unable to learn
Macho macho one has to be
Macho machos are almost always at the top
Macho machos live a dangerous life
Macho machos are pretty stupid
One feels tired, the rush is already so overwhelming
His mother still calls him “Joey“
but his friends say “Miami“
although he was an idiot at school
this fact does never bother the ladies
There comes a rascal again
and grabs lasciviously at his butt
no wonder if every nun gets nervous
when she sees this wasp waist
Macho machos are in vogue
Macho machos will never die out
One likes to take macho machos to one's home
Macho machos are much envied
Macho machos lost many friends
unfortunately they're a “rabbit's length“** ahead
She loves Schimanski's*** murderous willy
and she often lies awake in her bedchamber
the husband in his flannel pajamas
lays his hands only into the freezer compartment
She's dreaming of Eros Ramazottel****
and Julio Iglesias
but the tamed idiot next to her
says only: “Leave me alone, I'm reading“
Only macho machos have the hardness
The world belongs to macho machos
Macho machos have what others unfortunately lack:
Macho machos are inevitably on heat
Macho machos are frequently distressed
By the toilet attendant as well as by the stewardess
If you want some hairy man's chest
You needn't to go to Italy
There are machos here who are already outright as good like never
An industrialist's or a nobleman's wife
Becomes fixed on a Tyrolian guy
With as much pleasure like on the gentlemen from Rimini
Submitted by Mauler on Sun, 27/02/2011 - 02:05
Author's comments:

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ren%C3%A9_Kollo
** I'm not sure about that one (maybe it has a special meaning in Austria)
*** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horst_Schimanski
**** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eros_Ramazotti

By the way: Happy Birthday Rainhard Fendrich! (Turns 56 today)

German (Austrian/Bavarian)

Macho Macho

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Hansi K_Lauer    Wed, 13/09/2017 - 12:05

eine "Hasenlänge" vorn = (eine Nasenlänge vorn) (Wortspiel)

>"Sie liebt Schimanskis Mörderhammer"
"Schimanskis' murderous willie" hat wohl noch niemand (im Film) gesehen ...
Es ist wahrscheinlich sein "mörderischer" Faustschlag gemeint
(Wenn der Übersetzer selbst zum Macho wird, dann ...)