Madder Mortem - Breaker Of Worlds


Breaker Of Worlds

This is where forever opens,
This is where all flesh is grass,
This the mask and this the virgin,
This is where it falls apart.
Holy mother, triple goddess,
Dream and death through blood evoke,
Through your womb we bleed and burn and now:
Rise again!
Breaker of worlds...
So the seed is sown to reap
and so the blood is sweet anew.
So intone the word not spoken,
Now the time to break the truce.
Ah! And the world splits apart
and the essence flows free.
And whatever she gives,
I am ready to take.
For the keeper of the crossroads is the keeper of the keys;
the one who stirs your silent dreams, the one who wakes the fear.
As she stands before you at the lake to lead you to the shore,
she's the one who is the breaker, she's the one who waits no more.
Breaker of worlds...
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