Madder Mortem - To Kill And Kill Again


To Kill And Kill Again

On the eleventh day, he reached out his hand
and made the sign of parting,
spoke the words of taking leave
and of never going back.
To breathe the air of dreams,
To walk upon a path of bodies,
To know what carnal means,
To live the law of hate and cold flesh.
Wailing for the solace in a lie,
No echo here, no truth, no time...
To blind the eye to see,
To feed on every broken moment,
To kill and kill again,
To end it all while it's unfolding,
To know the only way:
To love the beast and then to beg it ,
to die from every wound.
Listen as the mourning herald sings
the dirge to which we march in time.
Crawling naked 'neath the burning stars,
sleeping beauty dries.
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