Madmans Esprit - you don't allow me

  • Artist: Madmans Esprit
  • Album: 무의식의 의식화 (Conscientization of Unconsciousness)
  • Translations: French, Russian

you don't allow me

You don’t allow me this magnificent night sky
You don't allow me this weightless tranquillity
You don’t allow me a will nor a hope
You don't allow me the salvation
You don’t allow me the joy of existence
You don’t allow me to flee from this agony
And you don’t allow me to fill this emptiness
But no one allows me the death
We worship your name
Until these knees turn into ash
Every dawn with the rising sun
We hang your name around our neck
O Life
Follow the stream of bloods
At the end of a madness, I come back to my tragedy
Held by the skin but rejected to be
Like fever grows, I’m being captured by the one clear answer
My final resistance, my only salvation is the death
O Freedom, O Joy
O Proof of anti existence
Why don’t you smile for me?
My goddess of evil
After how many cries and nights will you take me to the truth?
Oh, my love
Now I realize your another name
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