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Hold Me Forever lyrics

  • Artist: Magna Carta Cartel

Hold Me Forever

I wish I could reach you
I wish I could help
But I'm on my own
Just like you
There's news that powers
Of sadness and dark
Is on the hunt
For us all
The wind that carries
Scents of love
Is giving
Us away
So shut your window
Close your eyes
A dark moon
Is on the rise
Hide my emotions
Ravel my tracks
Hold me forever
Cover my back
The minute we settled
The hour of trust
Then the joke
Was on us
The reach of your touch
Goes deep in me
But in the end it will fade
I am naked
Stripped of arms
So strike me
While I'm here
So take my promise
Take my word
It is all
I have to give
Now pray the ocean
Waves us home
To the dream
That is us
So set the sails
And all aboard
We are headed
For our home
[Chorus x3]
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