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Magna Frisia (Greater Frisia)

Magna Frisia, people have died for your honor.
Magan Frisia, kings have fought on your lands.
Giants walked over your ground.
Gods toasted you.
Songs have been sung about you,
Magana Frisian, Free Frisians!
Surrounded by sea,
Bound by blood.
Your wild people
with sword and shield.
I will value (you).
I will fight (for you).
I will bleed (for you).
There are the Frisians,
from Weser (a river in Germany) to Swin (Zwin, modern Belgium).
I want to have unity
to Cologne (Germany).
I will value (you).
I will fight (for you).
I will bleed (for you).
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Author's comments:

From the translator: While the lyrics may sound a bit oddly nationalist, I think this song is more about remembering ancient Frisia's wide historical influence--which was extensive but nothing at all about this is taught in Netherlands schools!--and about taking pride in the living language today, which is under great pressure from Dutch. Frisian has endured a lot of disrespect, much like Welsh in the U.K., so changing old attitudes and taking pride in being Frisian is important.


Magna Frisia

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