مهتاب [Liberation: Tasnif on Khayam Quatrain] (Mahtaab) (English translation)

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Moonlight [Liberation: Tasnif on Khayam Quatrain]

Since no one can Tomorrow guarantee,
Enjoy the moment let your heart be free;
Ah, drink, my moon, in moonlight for the moon
Will make its rounds but won't find you and me! 1
I know not whether he who fashioned me appointed me to dwell in heaven or in dreadful hell
But some food, and an adored one, and wine, upon the green bank of a field— all these three are cash to me: thine be the credit-heaven!
A cloudburst came poured tears on the green
what is life without a cup of wine ...
this green is ours to enjoy today
who follows us in the meadow of our dust
  • 1. Or "the moon will shine to find us
    and find us not again"
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مهتاب [Liberation: Tasnif on Khayam Quatrain] (Mahtaab)

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