Natacha Atlas - Maktub (مكتوب) (English translation)


Maktub (مكتوب)

يَا لِيلْ، يا ليل
يَا لِيلِي، يا ليل
يَا لِيلِي
يَااا لِيلِي، يَا لِيلِييي
كُلِّ شِييءِ مَكْتُوبْ، مكتووب...ْ
مَكْتُوووب... فِي الْأَحْلَااام...ْ
مَكْتُوبْ فِي لُغَةَ الْأَحْلَااام
مَكْتُوووبْ... يَا نَاااسْ
مكتوب... كلّ شيء مكتوب...ْ
مَكْتُوبْ... يَا إِلنَّاسْ، مكتوب...ْ
مكتوب في لغةَ الأحلام
مكتوب، مكتوب...ْ
كلّ شيء... مكتوب... في الأحلام
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Ya leil, ya leil1
Ya leily, ya leil
Ya leily
Yaaaa leil, ya leilyyyyyy
(It is) written2
Every thing is written. Ya, written.
Written .... in dreams
Written in the the language of dreams3, people
Written..... Every thing is written
Written......O you, people. Written
Written in the language of dreams
Written.....(yes,) written
In dreams everything is written
  • 1. Ya leil: literally means O, night.
    Arabs use it a lot in their songs. though it does'nt add any meaning at all
  • 2. predestined
  • 3. Take care that (in the language of dreams) here doesn't mean (with dreams' language)
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