Soledad - Mal de amores (English translation)

English translation


I don't think your fear will disappoint me
It is so human to go around lovesick
But far from the point that confuses you,
You will never be able to know what is wrong
Let me be next to you
Let me be there
So that I can understand you feelings better
The best remedy is to give them time
I know that everything's so hard, that you're afraid
Let me feel all of this wind, too
Let me be next to you
Let me be there
And what is best is for you to stay with me
And what is best is for you to stay here
Your name sounds better next to my name
I don't want you to change your mind
Let me be next to you, let me be with you
I want to be
It's not possible to run in two different directions at once,
While mixing various reasons without knowing
The heavens split apart, time does too, and so do hearts
It is the bitter taste of truth
Walk slowly, as nobody is rushing you here
This is the ledge of a mountain, and it is very high
I am dying to be with you
Go wherever you want to go; I will follow you
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Mal de amores

Guest    Tue, 05/09/2017 - 23:12

Thank you my dear friend.