Nana Mouskouri - Malagueña (English translation)

English translation

Malagian Girl (Malagueña)

Love is leading me towards you
With a captivating impulse.
I prefer better to die
Than live without your love.
The inconstancy of your loving
Killed the joy in my being, eh, eh.
Ah, ah, and dreading to lose your love
Today my song will be grief.
Black-eyed Malagian girl,
Malagian girl of my dreams,
I'm dying of pain
for your love.
Lalalalala lalalalala
Lalalalala lalalalalala
Lalalalala lalalalala
Lalalalala lalalalalala...
Black-eyed Malagian girl
Malagian girl of my dreams
if you don't love me I will die
Ah ahahahah ahahahahahahahah
Ahahahahah ahah
La lalalalala lalalalala
Lalalalala lalalalalala
Ah ahah ahahahahah
I want to kiss you
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