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Maldição (English translation)

  • Artist: Mariza (Marisa dos Reis Nunes )
  • Song: Maldição Album: Mundo (2015)
  • Translations: English, Polish, Spanish
English translationEnglish


What kind of destiny or curse
Command us, my heart?
One to other, we're lost
We're both silent screams
Mismatched fados
Disunited lovers
I suffer for you, I'm dying
I can't find you, nor even understand you
I love it and hate it with no reason
Heart... When will you just get tired
of our purposeless hopes?
When will you just stop it, my heart?
In this agonized fight
I sing and cry of happyness
I'm joyful and broken
What big curse, my heart
You are never satisfied
You give everything and getting nothing back
Inside this frozen loneliness that
You are giving me, my heart
There's no life or death
It's clearheaded, careless
To read your own destiny
And can't be able of changing it away
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