מלכי המלכים (Malchey HaMelachim) (English translation)

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King of all Kings

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Forgive me father for I am sinful to you
Trample for me upon every offence.
As well as the days when I forgot you
You are always in my life.
In all the ways that I choose to walk
You are a candle at my feet.
I was blind and could not see beyond
That which my eyes beheld
King of all kings, I thank You for the life
For happiness, for tears, and for laughter
Even in the most difficult of times
Still You are The Almighty God
And are never, ever, very far away
Even when I walk along darkened roads
I will trust in You my God
Upon my other side the firstborn little girl
I give thanks to you for happiness without measure
I give you thanks for the feasts
For the Shabbat that You keep
This never forever will end
Every day we are crossing on the road to paradise (garden of Eden)
Which I have laid out for you before my eyes
King of all kings
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Nice arrangement for a Psalm that anyone who is human could personalize...

מלכי המלכים (Malchey HaMelachim)

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