Malinconia d'ottobre (English translation)

  • Artist: Lucio Dalla
  • Song: Malinconia d'ottobre 3 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, Spanish
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October blues

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October blues
for everything I don't have.
A dog comes, takes a pee and laughs and waits with me
for the midnight tram
that has been cancelled or maybe doesn't exist anymore.
Now I'm asking the dog - yes, the dog - if
it can bring me to you.
"Forget me, delete me, keep me out of you,
convince yourself, accept it, there is no relationship!"
My soul in the vase
escapes through a crack,
it goes out looking for its shadow
that's still sitting on the stairs at your place.
A passing thief asks me quite nicely
"Got something to smoke?" "I do have fire"
and runs away after the heist.
"Accept it, relax,
don't think about her anymore,
get used to it, try to convince yourself
that there's not just her."
In downtown Lisbon,
sitting in a cafe,
there's a statue of Pessoa
that looks like it's there for me.
"Love is a liar
you never know when it's over
but the pain of love is so sweet,
you know when you feel it."
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Malinconia d'ottobre

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