Malinda Kathleen Reese - Google Translate Sings: Africa


Google Translate Sings: Africa

Listening to quartz rocks
Anime, cristemopois diaosomia dibesi
compressed diabetic watermelon (Gradually watermelon)
Problem with counting, 2430 feathers
Star Wars displays stars leading to the store (Commercialism)
On the road I was defeated by an old man
I think some of the words have been written
And the subtitles have been written
He came to me with a voice
"Be angry and stand there"
I will take your lunch away from you
You can not seduce hundreds of people
I'm having ice cream
Time to get drunk
Don't eat dogs
I just want to sleep (Go away and let me sleep)
I know Ali is doing a good job
Of course this is just one of Madagascar
I try to feel deep about myself
I will take your lunch away from you
100 year old students
I'm having ice cream
African hydropower (Hydropower)
I pray to Auckland for the rain (I pray to Auckland)
Thank you for the rain of the USA (Thank you USA)
I like snow in Africa (I like snow)
I did nothing
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Originally performed by Toto.



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