Malka moma (Малка мома) (English translation)


Malka moma (Малка мома)

Малка мома си са Богу моли:
"Дай ми, Боже, очи голубови. (x2)
Дай ми, Боже, крилца соколови (x2)
Да си форкнам отвъд бели Дунав (x2)
Да си найда момче според мене"
Чу я Господ.
Стори очи голубови
И крилца соколови
Та й даде крилца соколови
Та си найде момче според нея (x2)
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English translation

Young maiden

Versions: #1#2
A young maiden is praying to God:
“Grant me, dear Lord, blue1 eyes. (x2)
Grant me, dear Lord, wings of a falcon (x2)
To fly over the white Danube river (x2)
To find a boy who is match for me.”
God heard her prayer.
He gave her blue eyes
And wings of a falcon.
When God granted her wings of a falcon
She found a boy who was match for her. (x2)
Dear Lord
  • 1. Well, literally it is 'eye of a dove' but it somehow doesn't make sense because the falcon has stronger eyes than a dove. That's why I choose the russian 'blue eyes' to bulgarian 'eyes of a dove'. Long time ago in bulgarian it has the same meaning
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