Maluron lurette (English translation)

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Maluron Lurette

When I was living with my father
Maluron malurette, maluron maluré
An unmarried young man
Maluron malurette
An unmarried young man
Maluron maluré
I had nothing to do
But look for a wife
One day I found one
At the gate of a meadow
I asked her: My beauty,
Do you want to get married?
The girl was very young,
She began to cry
What are you doing in these fields?
She began to sing
Wait, little fool,
I'll catch you!
My mother is sick,
I'm staying at home to care for her
When she is well,
I'll get married
To a nice young man
Who's a butcher's boy
He wears a white shirt
White as a sheet of paper
He has yellow hair
And golden brows
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Author's comments:

Traditional hanter-dro (Breton circle dance).


Maluron lurette

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