Mama's boy

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Mama's boy (English) — A boy or man who is excessively influenced by or attached to his mother

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Mama's boy — Un baiat care este obsedat in a face tot ceea ce isi doreste mama acestuia.

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Mama's boy — Ana kuzusu

Turkish, explained by socallmebella on Sun, 27/08/2017 - 12:29

Translations of "Mama's boy"

Arabicابن امه
FrenchFils à son papa
ItalianFiglio di sua madre
Russianмаменькин сынок

"Mama's boy" in lyrics

Your style isn't appealing anyway

Outside, you're a tough gangster boy
But at home, you're a broke mama's boy


2NE1 - Pretty Boy

They tried so hard but they couldn't.
Heart and love have their gun
And the bird have just his wings.
You are a "Mama's Boy" five or six people like you doesn't make me afraid

Jamila Elbadaoui - Weirdo

Hey pretty boy
You ain’t got nothing on me
Hey ladies (Yeah)
Let’s go


2NE1 - Pretty Boy

You're so corpulent, so self-confident.
Mama's boy, papa's pet, the only child.
Your intentions - are so selfish.
All your gossips, well, they're so boring.

Shahzoda (Uzbekistan) - Farewell forever

Romanized Lyrics

Hey pretty boy
You ain’t got nothing on me
Hey ladies (Yeah)
Let’s go

2NE1 - Pretty Boy

Come back to Sorrento, mama's boy
Let's go
Come back to Sorrento, mama's boy
Let's go

Nanowar of Steel - Master of Pizza

Leave me, save me
I've had enough of
one mama's boy
playing God on me

Marta Savić - Mama's Boy

So, they don't call me
By his name: Roy,
But poorly, sadly:
Mama's boy!

Serbian Children Songs - Mama's Boy

sorry mom for breaking my promises
i must flex, another resceptionist at another hotel
there's been flings, evictions, arm wrestling
slips of the tongue, i'm no mama's boy
call me next week and we'll see, everyday speaking us to the stage
feeling it

Cheek - Flex

Just don't run away
Run away, yeah
Can't run away and leave my mama alone
Cause I'm her boy Mama's boy
Just don't

Justin Bieber - Mama's boy

I'm father to a kid, I.C.U to friends,
A man, mama's boy, boyfriend to Didi.
Not interested whatever I am to strangers,
I have a boy at home, now my life is dedicated to him.

Fintelligens - Wouldn't Change a Day

They wasted you oh beautiful

O Suleiman, o Suleiman
She's gone Suleiman, mama's boy
He girded himself with a sword and went to Bagdad.

Sezen Aksu - Bride

You swear she a bodybuilder, man that lady so strong
And I'm still her baby, even though I'm grown
You can call me mama's boy all you want!
You could call me mama's boy all you want!

Oho, a couple times when I was bad

LunchMoney Lewis - Mama

Run to your mama boy
Run, run, run, run
Run to your mama boy, run

Baby, babe, the rules have changed

Ella (Norway) - Mama's Boy

I split your wig, so what you on kid?
Dope or dog food?
This ain't a warning, this a promise boy
Cause I'm your motherfucking daddy, and I won't raise a mama's boy

[Verse 4: Vinnie Paz]

Army of the Pharaohs - Azrael

Naa na naa, they try to discourage me

Bad boy is a mama's boy, mama's boy
Bad boy is a mama's boy, and I sing:

Naa na naa, bad boy feels like singing

Aste - Mama's boy


How did you go from being a mama's boy to a ladies' man?
I'm not goin' home with you tonight
Oh, but you can hold my hand

Kelly Clarkson - Slow Dance

Walking down Hollywood Boulevard
some young punk says that the times is hard
hey brother can you spare some change
time to rearrange your face
time to get a job
gotta better yourself

Social Distortion - Got Nothing coming

a real gentleman. But he was
possessive and narcissistic.

Ben was a mama's boy.
Dependent, shy, jealous
of everyone who had their life together,

Maria Chatziilia - Them and you, more like only you