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Lovely María

Remember Acapulco
those nights
lovely María, María of the soul,
remember that on the beach
with your hands
you would rinse the stars.
Your body, of the toy sea, I swam adrift,
the waves would come, would swing,
and while I watched you,
I say it with feeling,
my thought betrayed me.
I told you many words of these lovely ones
with which hearts whispered sweet nothings
asking you to love me,
to turn my hopes
into realities.
The moon that watched us
a short while before
played a little dumb
and when I saw it hidden
I knelt down to kiss you
and so to surrender to you all my life.
Loves, you have had many loves,
lovely María, María of the soul,
but none so good nor so honored
as the one you made that sprouted in me.
I bring it full of flowers
to leave it as an offering
under your plants.
Receive it excitedly
and swear to me that you do not lie
because you feel idolatrous.
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María Bonita

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