Leonardo Favio - María va camino a la vejez (English translation)

English translation

María goes towards the oldness

I could tell you a thousand precious things
I could say that life is beautiful
that my song and the rose have sense
like the people that walks whistling a song
but today I saw Maria so old and shabby
seems like a joke.
Maria is endless drizzle, grey lark
sad smile of knowing
she wasn't born for a blooming garden
Maria goes, María goes towards the oldness
without seeing she left hanged
the youth in the hanger of an hotel,
poor Maria, Maria goes Maria goes.
Poor Maria with good reason
in her patent leather purse
carries locked the irony of life
maybe the slow stomping
through the pain streetside
must have wore out the heart and the smile
Maria let's go stealing
that verse that Discepolin 1
has forgot in a corner of his folder
maybe we can achieve the song
that makes happy your puppet heart.
No no no, don't resist to dream
or else we won't fly up
the kite of love and tenderness
for the harlequin to fly
and brings you back in the return
the boy who cried for you when you were pure
María lets save
that paperboat
that is drowning in the corner wreck
with it we'll look for
under the whitewash of your skin
that blush that reminds of your cheek
I know it's just a dream
but I wanna sail anyway
through this street with illusions shop windows
and a mannequin will lead us
with its orphanhood smile
to a harbor full of organs and songs
No no no, don't you ever want to wake up
that way we'll go out for
that kid that got lost in the forth moon
and a cristal stork
will bring it to your warmth
with a thousand color sparrows that will make him yours
No no no, don't you ever want to wake up
let's go to sleep together
this madness in a corner of our sun
Don't you see reality is cruel
What's the point of living
the carnival of a sad and dark truth
No no no, don't you ever want to wake up
don't you ever want to wake up
don't you ever want to wake up
Maria, Maria
  • 1. Enrique Santos Discepolo
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María va camino a la vejez

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